Thursday, 3 May 2012

Teddy's going to Scruffts 2012!

I've always loved dogs and I've always loved watching Crufts on the box ever since I was tiny. I know people have mixed opinions on the whole thing, but I do enjoy going as most people there have the dogs' best interests at heart and it's always nice to meet other doggy mad loons like me :)

So you can imagine my excitement to find out today that Teddy has been selected to compete at Scruffts 2012 - the Kennel Club's annual dog show for Crossbreeds!

I got really into the whole Crufts thing this year and finally got the chance to go up to Birmingham and experience it for myself after winning some tickets. It was an amazing day and I'd say it's a definite must for any dog lover!

It was around that sort of time that I applied for Teddy to enter Scruffts - to be honest I'd completely forgotten about it until I saw the kennel club headed letter when I got home today!

Scruffts was launched in 2000 and is just like Crufts but for mixed doggies :) it's also a lot more light-hearted and fun! Entry is £1 and all proceeds go to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

As there is no 'breed standard' for crossbreeds, the judges base their decision on 'good character', 'good health', and 'good temperment with people and other dogs'.

All the dogs involved get a few minutes to shine in the ring and wow the judges - fingers crossed Teddy will be in a good mood on the day!! He's already perfected his posing!

So I'm sooooo excited! My older dog Bonnie entered a few fun dog shows last summer and actually won a few rosettes :) she seemed to really enjoy it. Ted wasn't even born then, but hopefully he will follow in his big sister's footsteps!

Ted's heat is being held at the London Pet Show at Earl's Court on Sunday 13th May. So even if Ted doesn't get any prizes, we'll still have a lovely day out :)

If you too are a doggy lover, or even an animal lover as they have all sorts there (including rabbit show jumping!! - which Barnaby would absolutely smash), you should check the London Pet Show out - it's on Saturday as well and you can book tickets here. The show is open from 9.30 - 5.00pm and is a relatively cheap day out for all animal lovers!!

Any tips for how to prepare for Ted's dog show debut?? Wish us luck!!


  1. Congrats on this. I have no tips as I have never been but definitely let us know how everything goes.

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