Saturday, 19 May 2012

Save Lennox

I must warn you in advance that this post isn't going to be the nicest of posts, but it's something that I need to share with you all so the word can be spread.

Two years ago, Lennox, an American Bulldog Labrador Cross was taken from his loving family by Belfast City Council and shoved into a tiny little cell. They did this on the pretence that he looked a 'pitbull type breed' and so should be put to death, despite the fact that they had visited him at home and seen him interacting perfectly with his family and their other dogs perfectly. The council had had no complaints about Lennox, and he had never acted aggressively in his life.

Since Lennox was taken, he has been kept in horrific conditions in a cramped cell full of nothing but sawdust and his own faeces. He has developed extreme skin conditions and as result has lost a lot of hair. The pictures on the are disturbing but show the extent of council's neglect since Lennox's seizure. Lennox's family have attempted to contact the council constantly, but the dog unit have refused to enter into communication with them. Thus, Lennox has been alone for two years.