Sunday, 17 March 2013

New Blog!


If you've found your way here then welcome to my new doggy blog Tartan Paws! I was previously blogging at my lifestyle blog Following the Foxes but I decided that, as I'm most passionate about dogs, I'd rather dedicate all my blogging time to all things doggy related. So here we are :)

I'll be writing about a variety of things from nice places to walk your dog, to doggy events, to doggy problems, to doggy shopping for both you and your pooch! For the time being I've moved some of my old doggy related posts over from my other blog. (Some are loosely related, but doggy related nonetheless!). As this is new to me, I'd love it if you could drop me a comment and tell me what you think - all thoughts are welcome :)

Anyway enjoy everyone - hope to speak to some of you soon!

Enjoy your lazy Sundays!


Saturday, 8 December 2012

My Love For All Things Trollbead

Now it would've made sense for me to post about Trollbeads before, considering how much I love them and the fact that they do doggy charms, but for some reason I haven't?

Trollbeads are my favourite jewellery brand - they are charm beads from Denmark made of gorgeous antique-looking silvers, golds and murano glass. They are absolutely stunning. I was introduced to them by Dan's mum, who had a gorgeous collection of red and silver beads. Once I saw how lovely they looked I was hooked!

The brand was started in 1976 by Lise Aagaard in Denmark, and she still runs the business to this day. You basically start with one of their bracelets (or a necklaces) and then choose from the hundreds of gorgeous beads available to create your own look. Lots of trollbeads fans change their beads up daily to create different looks - and I love the fact that they are so versatile and easy to play around with.

When I first started my collection, I bought a debut bracelet which is a standard packaged Trollbeads offer that includes a silver bracelet, a lock, and two beads. You can use from a variety of different combinations of the debut bracelet, and they've changed price a few times. I think they're currently retailing at £99, but I managed to nab one (as a present for someone!!) at the Trollbeads convention for £50! Whoop! Dan bought me my first charm which was the Scottie dog. It's very detailed and looks gorgeous.

I went for autumnal colours to begin with as those are my favourite colours - reds, oranges, browns and greens - I've always been drawn to those colours, I don't know why. But as my collection grew, I began to spy gorgeous deep blue beads, limited edition Chinese purple jades, and pink agates - so my colour range grew too! There are so many beautiful colours to choose from; it's very easy to fall in love with all sorts of different beads!

At the moment, my current colour scheme is back to being autumnal - it seems to go with more of my outfits of late - so my other colours are packed away for safe keeping. When (if ever) I can afford it, I'll buy another silver bracelet to keep them on for other outfits!

My current bracelet looks like this:

When I have some more spare time I'll go through the different doggy charms available as every bead has it's own special meaning, and all are different prices. Deals are on sometimes, but the base price for glass beads is £26 currently. Not too bad compared to some other brands..

Christmas Trollbead Promotions

There are lots of different deals on at the moment for Christmas with Trollbeads, so I thought I'd list a few in case anyone's looking for a nice Christmas present - I know I'd be over the moon with one of these!

Diamonds4ever are currently holding a crazy sale for their last few remaining Trollbeads world tour beads! These beads were very elusive and very expensive, but Diamonds4ever are selling some for as little as £11!! So if you're looking to start, or add to, your collection - this is perfect!

- Steffans are also holding a Trollbeads sale in which you can nab some of the retired beads for as little as £13! They also have Trollbeads kits (6 beads) for as little as £65, and Trollbeads earrings! Amazing deals!

- Trollbeads are doing a promotion on their new Luck and Joy starter bracelets - they are usually £141 but they are currently on offer at £75 - so you save 45%!

- Trollbeads are holding their annual 'Make a Wish' competition - spend over £50 on Trollbeads in your nearest retailer and you'll receive a postcard. All you have to do is fill out the postcard with your contact details and the name of the bead you'd like to wish for for Christmas, send it back to Fable Trading and you'll be put in a draw to win it!

- If you follow My Trollbeads on facebook, they hold a giveaway every Friday - so you may even be able to win your first bead (or a lovely present for someone special)! This week's giveaway involves you taking a photo - which I know lots of you love doing! So come join in the fun, you never know, this might be the start of your love affair with Trollbeads too :)

I think a trollbeads bracelet would make the perfect extra special gift for any dog lover - and will end being a family heirloom!

What do you think of Trollbeads?

*please note - this post was not sponsored, I just really love this brand!*

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Puppy Christmas Pudding Outfit

I popped into Poundland the other day and completely by chance I found this sweet little Christmas pudding outfit. For £1, I couldn't not buy it right?! I think it was meant for babies but Ted isn't massive - I knew it'd fit! It's only thin but it has a sweet little hat and looks amazing!

Doesn't he look cute?!

They also had lots of other doggy bits, but this was all I picked up for today! So if you're looking for a cute Christmas outfit for your pup or some cheap doggy bits, head down to your nearest Poundland. You never know, you might get a bargain!
Ted now has three Christmas costumes this year - a reindeer outfit with jingle antlers, a little santa paws bandana, and this sweet little pudding set :) Will have to see what he fancies on Christmas day!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Tag

I've been in the Christmas spirit for a while now and I'm happy today as it's Friday :D so I thought I'd give this Christmas tag that's been floating around a while a whirl :) Don't worry, dogs are involved!

Christmas Tag

What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
I love everything about Christmas! I love getting together with my family on Christmas morning and opening our presents - watching other people's faces when they unwrap their gifts makes me happy :) I love decorating the flat and coming home every night to a sparkling Christmas tree, it cheers me up after a long day. I love choosing presents for people, even though some are far easier than others! I love getting Ted ready for Christmas! I love Christmas smells, especially cinnamon and gingerbread. And I love all the Christmas themed drinks coffee shops do :)

Real tree or fake tree?
I really love the way real trees look and smell BUT they are crazy messy and I'm allergic to the pines. We had a little one when Dan and I first moved in together but I came up in a crazy rash after decorating it - then I realised. So we have a fake one now and it still looks lovely (I think so anyway!) Complete with doggy decorations from Wilkos! Here it is :)


Giving presents or receiving presents?
Definitely giving! I do love getting a present I've wanted for ages but, as I said, I really love seeing other people's faces when they open my gifts. Last year, as stocking fillers, I got my brother and sister matching Labrador tops (like Alan in the hangover) for a laugh, so they posed with the dogs for this shot :) As you can see, we're not really morning people (apart from Bonnie!)

Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
Morning! I don't know anyone with the will power to wait until the evening! Besides, what if I get a gorgeous dress/jumper and I want to wear it on the day?! This is us, first thing on Christmas morning last year at my mums :)

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I really like handmade cards but I never have time and I'm very messy! I think we might do a moonpig card with Ted as a pup in his reindeer costume on it this year! :) Does that count?

What's your favorite Christmas food?
My mum's roast dinner - nothing beats it! Pigs in blankets are the best. Although whatever I eat, the dogs will share. Going to try making the doggy Christmas dinner from my Lily's Kitchen cookbook!

That's a wrap folks. What are your favourite things about Christmas? Do your dogs love Christmas? Let me know if you do the tag!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Yellow Dog Project

I recently came across this online and it speaks for itself so I won't bore you! But basically, someone has started a project to help make dog owners aware of dogs who need space on walks. It's a clever idea and I hope people take it up.

Please share this to help spread the word about the Yellow Dog Project - the more people that know, the less problems we'll have! All dogs should be allowed to walk in peace :)


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Save Lennox

I must warn you in advance that this post isn't going to be the nicest of posts, but it's something that I need to share with you all so the word can be spread.

Two years ago, Lennox, an American Bulldog Labrador Cross was taken from his loving family by Belfast City Council and shoved into a tiny little cell. They did this on the pretence that he looked a 'pitbull type breed' and so should be put to death, despite the fact that they had visited him at home and seen him interacting perfectly with his family and their other dogs perfectly. The council had had no complaints about Lennox, and he had never acted aggressively in his life.

Since Lennox was taken, he has been kept in horrific conditions in a cramped cell full of nothing but sawdust and his own faeces. He has developed extreme skin conditions and as result has lost a lot of hair. The pictures on the are disturbing but show the extent of council's neglect since Lennox's seizure. Lennox's family have attempted to contact the council constantly, but the dog unit have refused to enter into communication with them. Thus, Lennox has been alone for two years.

Lennox's family are responsible dog owners who have fostered many rescue dogs, and they have ensured that Lennox is fully trained. He is not a danger to anyone and is simply being treated in this sickening way because of his looks.

A campaign has been set up to draw attention to the sad plight of this little dog and try to bring him home to his family. The 'Save Lennox' campaign has so far touched the hearts of thousands of animal lovers and attracted support from animal rights groups, MPs and celebrities worldwide. But the campaign needs more support to bring Lennox home.

This weekend the 'Each One, Reach One' campaign has been launched to gain support for Lennox via facebook and twitter. The aim of  the campaign is to get every supporter of Lennox to spread the word to someone else who doesn't know about Lennox or Breed Specific Legislation. Even if just one more person signs the petition because you joined in, it all helps.

How YOU can help:

1. Go to and sign the online petition to free Lennox.

2. Email your thoughts to various groups in Northern Ireland in a bid to get them to do something about this disgraceful situation. (relevant emails available at

3. Follow @SaveLennox on twitter

4. Tweet about Lennox's plight to your followers using these hashtags: #SaveLennox #LennoxArmy #EndBSL

5. Like Save Lennox on facebook

6. Share the Save Lennox page with your facebook friends.

7. Post messages of support to Lennox on facebook and twitter including pictures of your own furry friends.

8. Blog about it! Or link to this post on your blog.

whatever you do, do something - every single tweet counts so lets all do as much as we can - Lennox only has 5 days until his next hearing.

Show your support - SAVE LENNOX!