My Furry Family

Meet my menagerie:

Lakeland X Fox Terrier
Born: 03/08/11
Likes: Being revered, milk, doing laps, chasing balls and squirrels.
This little horror is my pup who lives with us. He may look sweet but he has the devil in him and causes lots of mischief. I wouldn't change him for the world though - I love him to bits!

Golden Labrador
Born: 18/11/03
Likes: Food, food and more food, cuddles.
This is my old girl who lives with my parents. We've had her since I was 15 so she's still my dog really :) She's getting slower as she's getting older but she still runs around like a puppy with Ted from time to time. She's the sweetest, most loving dog I've ever known.

Barnaby Bunny
Lop Eared Rabbit
Born: May 2011
Likes: Dandelions, digging, ruining everything I plant
Barnaby bunny is a little sweetie - he lives in the garden but thinks he's a dog. He is not frightened of either of our dogs at all and always tries to play with them. He can usually be found digging holes with Ted. He got myxomatosis in the summer but with lots of love and luck he hung in there and is now all better. 

Ling Ling
Musk Turtle
Born: Summer 2010
Likes: Shrimps, swimming, hiding
Dan got Ling Ling just before we finished university. She was in a tiny tank with about 50 other turtle babies, so we had to save her. We did have her brother Shep too but unfortunately he died a few years ago. She's very cute and will crane her neck to watch you around her tank.

The Guinea Boys - Filbert and Fat Chan
 Guinea Pigs
Born: unknown - a few years ago
Likes: Lettuce, carrots, hay
We adopted the guineas earlier this year after Olive Fudge went to sleep. Felt sad not having any little animals in the flat, so we went to a rescue and fell in love. They are very talkative and will scream at me if I walk past and don't feed them. They also moan if I don't get up early - my squeaky alarm clocks :)

So that's it for my current fur (and shelly) family - I hope you've enjoyed reading about them. They do pop up quite often on the blog. If you have a sec please tell me all about your fur babies in the comment box below - I love reading about animals :)

Adios from all of us x

Ted, Barnaby and Bon at Ted's first birthday party (I will blog about this eventually!)

RIP Max (my scottie), Flump bunny, Bink bunny, Olive Fudge, Batty, Whispy, Red and our many, many fish.

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