Thursday, 5 April 2012

The LOVE Cushion - A Perfect Gift :)

When Mothers' Day or my mum's birthday rolls around, I'm always stumped for what to buy. In fact, I actually have plenty of ideas, it's just that she's crazy fussy. She also refuses to tell any of us what she wants - helpful!
So, as there is no easy route, we have to buy her different things that she won't have seen anywhere herself. And, usually including dogs in it somehow is always a winner. After all, dogs make us all smile!

This year I stumbled across a gift I thought she'd really like through twitter. I found a website called Chic Shack, full of cushions, canvases, and other gorgeous items, most of which you can have personalised. There are lots of doggy items on the site, but the item that really caught my eye though was the LOVE cushion.

Some other tweeters had already ordered their own and it came highly recommended. The cushion is handmade by Martin; all you have to do is send him an image of your choice that will fit nicely into the O. And this means any image - so sit your little darlings down and get them to pose! Think of the possibilities (I'd quite like one with Barnaby bunny)

As my mum isn't very fond of me and my brother and sister, at least that's what she wants us to think, I decided to use a photo of our two dogs; my Teddy and Mum's Bonnie. A cushion with the pups' faces on?! Perfect!

I sent the photo off to Martin, paid for the cushion and it arrived in a matter of days. The end result was gorgeous and better than I'd expected. The quality of the cushion is lovely, the size is perfect and the letters are soft and velvety. The picture itself is a little hardier, which is good as it won't wear or get scratched. There's also a little zip at the bottom to wash the cover if you need to (it is white after all!)

Here's the finished product:

It now sits in pride of place on my mum's sofa; one of the only gifts I've bought her that she hasn't wanted to return! (moral = if it's personalised she can't ;))
So, if you're looking for the perfect gift for anyone you know who loves dogs this might just be it - who wouldn't love a cushion with their fur baby on it? I'd love it! Hint hint...

Be sure to give Chic Shack a look, like I said they have some lovely doggy themed items!!


  1. This is lovely! Such a sweet idea! Teddy and Bonnie are adorable!xoxoxo

  2. Mothers day is next month in my country so this is great idea for me :)xx

    1. Glad to have helped! My mum loved it, and she's so picky!! Hopefully yours will too :) x


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