Monday, 26 March 2012

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..

So yesterday the clocks went forwards and the start of the great British summer arrived! For a change, the weather was actually gorgeous so we decided to take Teddy, our puppy, for a long walk.

If you haven't already seen him this is Ted - he's a Lakeland Fox Terrier cross, who's almost 8 months old and is always full of beans! Chews anything he can get his paws on, runs around constantly and likes ears. Super cute right?

We took Ted to Belhus Woods Country Park; It's a gorgeous walk for all doggy lovers - woods, fields, flowers and lakes - perfect for all! We wanted to see if he'd swim - he has run around in the shallow water before but he's never properly gone swimming (not like my bigger dog, Bonnie, who's a complete water baby!) he's always wimped out at the last minute!

But it was the day we'd been waiting for - Ted loves a bit of fetch and was more than happy to go into the water to retrieve his prized stick. Anything for the stick!

 As the afternoon went on he went in further.. and further.. until eventually he began to swim!  Whoop!

Yay he swam! I've never seen a terrier swim before, so I was super impressed. If you know of any other terrier swimmers let me know - maybe we could form a team. Synchronised dog swimming is going to be the next big thing you know..

When he'd had enough he shook himself off, and covered us in lovely lake water! Clearly he wanted us to smell just like him :) Gorgeous!

Proud mama today - keep it up Ted!

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