Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Puppy Christmas Pudding Outfit

I popped into Poundland the other day and completely by chance I found this sweet little Christmas pudding outfit. For £1, I couldn't not buy it right?! I think it was meant for babies but Ted isn't massive - I knew it'd fit! It's only thin but it has a sweet little hat and looks amazing!

Doesn't he look cute?!

They also had lots of other doggy bits, but this was all I picked up for today! So if you're looking for a cute Christmas outfit for your pup or some cheap doggy bits, head down to your nearest Poundland. You never know, you might get a bargain!
Ted now has three Christmas costumes this year - a reindeer outfit with jingle antlers, a little santa paws bandana, and this sweet little pudding set :) Will have to see what he fancies on Christmas day!


  1. I love Poundland but I don't often get the chance to pop in. Totally loving the wire reindeer xxx



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